Thursday, January 05, 2012

Still Life Painting Workshop this Sunday, January 8th at Memoir

Happy New Year!
It's been a while and I'm getting back to putting some workshop's together at Memoir.
The next painting workshop will be this Sunday, January 8th from 2pm-7pm.
We will be painting still life's from life.
If interested, please let me know.
As always, sorry for the short notice!

Shawn Barber Painting Workshop
"Oil Painting Still Life from Life"

In this 1 day, 5 Hour Painting Workshop, Shawn will demonstrate and walk you through creating a still life painting from life.
We will be working with a limited palette and painting a still life over a 5 hour period. The first hour we will focus on drawing, color mixing and laying down a solid foundation. Then we will work back into the paintings and work towards completion.
I will demonstrate process and go back and forth between active assistance and demonstration. This workshop includes discussion and demonstration on palette setup, medium choices, color mixing, constructing a drawing and painting the still life. Within the workshop, we will elaborate on the power of suggestion and 'building up' oil paint to a level of completion over a 5 hour period.
YOU WILL BRING IN YOUR OWN SMALL OBJECT TO PAINT, and we will set everything up, discussing lighting and composition. I do have small objects here for you to use- but painting your own makes it a little more personal.