Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series' Solo Show and New Book

Portrait of the artist Shige, 9 views, Triptych, 2010-2012 (oil on canvas) 72"x36", 72"x36", 72"x36"

I'm happy to announce my second solo show in New York City-
"Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series', Opening this Thursday at the Joshua Liner Gallery. This new body of work is a collection of works from the past two years inspired by my journey as painter becoming a tattooist. The last several years have been arduous, yet rewarding; and I'm ready for an extensive break from solo shows for a while.
With this new show, I have challenged myself to go beyond my own expectations and have worked harder than ever. Tattooing 3-4 days a week and painting every night until the sun comes up every single day to give these paintings the energy they deserve. I'm happy enough with my efforts and hope that the work is apparent. 

In addition to the 25 new oil paintings, the gallery is also offering a hand signed, limited edition version of my upcoming book, Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series. The special edition of this book is limited to 100 copies signed and numbered, and is available for $75 plus shipping. Please contact the gallery if you would like to purchase one, we do not expect these to last very long.
If interested in purchasing any works from the show, please contact the gallery directly.

Portrait of the artist Grime Large scale head study, 2011-2012, (oil on canvas) 60" x 52"

James Spencer Briggs at Work, (with Aaron Wahlman), 2011-2012 (oil on canvas) 48" x 60"

Portrait of the artist Adrian Lee, 2011-2012 (oil on linen) 40" x 30"

Head Studies of the Artist Henry Lewis, (After Rubens), 2012

After this show- I am taking a break from art shows. I have a handful of prior obligations with group shows and commissions/trades to attend to. I am not interested in taking on new commissions. I will have a few book signings here and there coming up, but that's it. I will also be taking a break from tattoo conventions after this year.

Freddy Corbin's Temple, 2011-2012, (oil on canvas) 60"x40"

My focus now is on tattooing full time. I have several pieces in progress and am looking forward to drawing more, practicing the craft and process of tattooing and not working seven days a week. I am excited to shift focus and dedicate more energy to the craft. I will still paint on a regular basis, working on personal projects for the sake of painting, learning and progressing without a deadline to impede the natural process.

D. Ed Hardy Hands Study 1, 2011-2012 (oil on linen) 24" x 30"

If you're in New York City this Thursday, or sometime between June 28th and July 28th- I hope that you get the chance to see these works in person.

Vanitas, (After Pieter Claesz), 2012, (oil on panel) 24" x 18"

Shawn Barber